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Phonery Elevaty ® 2 in 1 Elevated Slow Feeder with No Spill Water Bowl

Phonery Elevaty ® 2 in 1 Elevated Slow Feeder with No Spill Water Bowl

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Introducing our innovatively designed Elevated Dog Bowls, perfect for all growth stages of your furry companion. With four adjustable heights, this dog bowl stand evolves with your dog from puppy to senior, offering heights of 3.4 inches, 8.1 inches, 9.7 inches, and 11.3 inches.

Our Professional Slow Feeder Dog Bowl is designed to slow down your pet's eating speed effectively. By prolonging the feeding time, it improves digestion ability and reduces the risk of obesity. Say goodbye to gulping down meals too quickly!

For a controlled drinking experience, our No Spill Water Bowl features a floating disk. It slows down your pet's drinking speed, preventing choking and splashing, while also keeping their fur dry and tidy.

Not only does our raised dog bowl offer convenience, but it also relieves strain on the neck, joints, and spine. By providing a comfortable height for accessing food and water, it promotes healthy digestion and ensures your pet's well-being.

We've made it incredibly easy to use and store. The innovative one-piece design allows for hassle-free height adjustments by simply adjusting the buttons. Additionally, the foldable legs make it a breeze to store and carry, making it perfect for both home use and travel.

Choose Elevated Dog Bowls for an innovative solution that grows with your dog, promotes healthier eating habits, and provides convenience for both you and your beloved pet.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
theresa m glancey
Great Product

My 5 month old puppy would throw up dog food twice a day. What a mess. I have had these bowls 6 days and she has not thrown up once.

Love it

Read some reviews prior to buying and saw many people saying the water dish gets moldy. I have not had that happen yet and found if you wash it out daily the water is always fresh. The slow feeder and water bowl cause both my dogs to slow down and they no longer cough up their food. The feeder is plenty sturdy with the only issue I’ve had so far is sometimes the whole holder moves since it’s on a laminate floor. Besides that these feeders work perfectly!

Patti Wagstrom
Saved our wood floors

I bought this dog dish for two reasons. One-our lab likes to eat her food as fast as possible. With the, what I like to call, the maze dish she has to take her time eating and she isn’t choking when she eats. Second, and the most important, she is so messy when she drinks that the water has damaged the wood flooring under her dishes. The floating water dish has solved that problem. Plus she isn’t drinking so much that it upsets her stomach. Wish I had found this dish sooner.

J. Braun
Best Pet Product Ever

I have three dogs, one of which is afraid of the after bowl, two of which eat too quickly, and one of which drools everywhere when drinking water. Since we switched to this food/water bowl there is less mess! These are also adjustable, so I was able to use this feeder for my small, medium, and extra large dog! 10/10 strongly recommended

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