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Can't drive without it

I love the cushion. It does move around a bit. My car asks me if I want to rearrange my seat! At first, I didn't think much of it, but when I removed it, I went way down in the seat. I have to have it and it helps my back pain(L5, S1). I really didn't need the extra lumbar support cushion. I never could figure out how to use it in the car. I'm happy with my cushion!


This fits the driver’s seat perfectly and I am now able to drive with knees and hips level to one another which is so much better for posture and thus back health.

Bery useful

One of my greatest investments no kidding

Quick drying-even delicate items

I bought this last month, as I'm doing a lot of traveling. I needed something to dry and freshens up my suits. This is usually made to dry your clothes which it does very well. However it also freshens up. I spray it with water or some clothes spray to remove wrinkles or odor. Then I hang the suit up, and turn the device on. After 10-15 min my suits are ually refreshed and free of wrinkles. Great machine!

Excellent product and perfect for traveling

I was planning to use it inside the closet in my hotel room but figured out there’s no outlet in there. Luckily I found there’s a place inside the bathroom that I can hang it and there’s an outlet close by that the power cord can reach. 1 suggestion is that they can make the power cord a little bit longer so it will make it more versatile. For my future trips, I’ll make sure to bring an extra extension power cord so I won’t run in the same issue again. The device is light enough that I can put it inside my checkin luggage.


Whenever I travel I always sty at hotels with a hot tub and a swimming pool. Needless to say I have wet bathing suits to contend with, so when I saw this I ordered it.

Drycleaning at home!

Where has this been all my life? What an incredible addition to my home! As someone who spends an outrageous amount on dry cleaning, this has been a life saver (and wallet saver lol!). I know it's not the exact same thing as a dry cleaner, but I tend to take special materials and delicates to get done as they can't go in a traditional dryer.

Jaw exerciser

This comes with three different sets, so you can use the strength that is best for you. These are so easy to use, wash them off and spend 10 minutes a day anywhere you're at.

Great product. Very effective for the large dog

Very effective for the large dog

Good workout for your jaws.

These silicon exercise tablets aren't that big, but when you have both of them in your mouth at the same time, it can take awhile to get used to them. Fortunately, you only need to keep them in your mouth for 5-10 minutes each time you use them. At this point, I've only used the blue pieces and they will certainly give your jaws a good workout. You'll want to be certain that you clean the pieces thoroughly after each use. The set includes convenient plastic storage cases for each colored pair of tablets. The tablets are made from food grade silicon and have no taste to them.

Works great inside too

So far this thing works great! We have it inside, so I don’t know about the water proofness of this product. We also turn it off at times. It works great though. Our pup will still bark if he needs to, but it’s once or twice versus continuously.

Effective Jawline Training

The Jaw Exerciser has proven to be an effective tool for enhancing jawline definition. Here's why it deserves a 5 out of 5 stars rating:

Immediate Sensation of Workout: Users report feeling the impact of the jaw exerciser right away. The device provides a substantial workout, especially for those new to jawline training. The immediate sensation indicates its effectiveness in engaging and targeting the jaw muscles.

Great really helps

Sturdy box, should hokd up well outside. Easy to program and small enough i placed it in an outdoor decoration in my yard. The neighbors dog did seem to notice it, it hasnt completely stopped barking yet, but does noticeably stop intermittently, so hopefully it will be trained in a coupke weeks.


Quite pleased with it. Worked like a charm from day 1

To have quite is such a pleasure.

Trying to keep my neighbors happy. Lol

Easiest solution for dog barking!

Can't believe how well this works and for only $15. I turned it on and it worked right away. If you have a barker....buy this!!!

Works great

Great product. Working well

Great buy

Love love love this product. Easy setup and use, cleans and drys well. Highly recommend!

This is a seat warmer for the car.

Peace and quiet

This product really seems to work I have not heard the dog’s barking constantly since I turned it on. They just howl a bit then stop.

Good dog barking control kit

My dog will get anxious everytime we close the door of the bedroom or someone walks past by our house. He will bark for a long time without any rest. It is quite annoying during the night and not neighbour friendly. We got this tool and it turns out that it worked as expected. We started with the mild frequency and my dog stops barking.

Multi use

Got it as a gift. Love it because it beats washing my makeup brushes by hand. I love that you are able to use it to dry and store your brushes as well. Would definitely recommend.

Love this this!

So pleased with how fast it heats up and how warm it gets. Those were my 2 main concerns. No bunching up when getting in or out of the car. It stays in place very well. I do wish it had an automatic shut off. That is my only complaint.

It's a good size and it works.

This product really works. My dog, who used to run out the window and bark non-stop every time he saw something, is no longer like that.

Heated Seat

I’m a bus driver in Minnesota. I added this heated seat to my drivers seat. I had no idea what I was missing out on. It was -9° today and I was the warmest I’ve been ever while driving in that temperature. If I could rate this a “10” I would. It went on easy and I just had to add a 8” long mini bungee to the top hooks. On low this item makes me hot. Love it.

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