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Seems accurate

I came across this refractometer and decided to try it. I am not use to Brix (though some say it is more accurate than SP. Received in and decided to try a side by side comparison with my OLD refractometer and this new. I measured the Brix for some pomegranate juice I had. I absolutely LOVE the fact that this is a computer not just an old fashioned optical device. It has a digital readout in decimals.

Accurate Brix Measurements for Coffee Enthusiasts

This digital sugar Brix refractometer has been a game-changer for my coffee brewing routine. Its precise measurements and automatic temperature compensation ensure accurate results every time. I've found it particularly handy for adjusting the sweetness of my coffee brews, especially when experimenting with different beans and roasts. The ±0.2% precision is impressive and has dramatically enhanced the consistency of my coffee preparations. Whether you're into fruits, juices, vegetables, or coffee, this tool is a valuable addition to any kitchen.

Lots of space!

The organizer is big and has lots of space. I like that the top has a clear cover makes it easy to see what is in the container. The top part is deep and easily stores bottles and tubes. The case is white and it cleans up easily with warm soapy water. The drawers are deep and they hold numerous items without difficulty.

Clutter free

Love the bright and vibrant color. It helped me organize my mess to a manageable level.

Gorgeous organizer!

Beautiful and Spacious!

Great make up holder

Was unsure when purchased this if it would look cheap. It does not look cheap, holds a lot of make up in all of the departments. The one section turns easily for easier access of products. I would recommend this to others

Nice gloves

Good quality, comfortable. It is straightforward to place batteries in the batteries case, which is connected with the glove through usb. Another thing I’d like to say, since the gloves are thick, I feel it can also be used without batteries, as regular winter gloves.

Gorgeous organizer!

I have been looking at organizers like this one for quite awhile now. They have been all over social media and I loved the way they looked. I ordered another one just like this and was unhappy with the quality. I am very pleased that this one was much better made without the many flaws and blemishes of the other one!

This organizer looks beautiful and the details are nice. I love the white with the gold accent. It is gorgeous on my vanity!

Makeup carousel! carousel

I really loved this when I got it. It’s kind of got that cool retro vibe and it works. It’s really cool to have some things that look stylish. I can organize my makeup. I can access everything easily and feel like I’ve not taken over the bathroom with lots of little jars. If you’re looking for something cute, I recommend you buy this.

Great Gloves!

Perfect, This gloves works good, very nice to have while walking places in winter, and then im very like with simple design and the gloves have good battery, im recomend this!

Good for the winter

This is true to the size and warm. I hope it will be helpful for the winter. It is unisex and the size seems to be fitting to men as well. Kind of light weight so easy to wear.

Perfect strap for athletes

The quality of the product is honestly phenomenal. It’s very adjustable and stable. It is also very comfortable, it helps me sleep better because I have leg paid and I’m able to perform at a 100% because of it. Give it a try if you’re in the fence. You’ll absolutely love it.

Best makeup Organizer!

Delivered on time and with care. It’s the perfect size and quickly organizes my lipsticks , eyeliners and palettes stealing my morning routine.
I love it so much getting my mom 1 for Xmas it’s the perfect gift.

space saver

if you are sick and tired of seeing all your cosmetics on your bathroom counter then this is for you. I was skeptical about getting it because it was pricey as far as what it is made of (plastic) but... I JUST LOVE IT! Everything I use on a daily basis that was cluttering my counter fits perfectly inside this little unit, with space to spare. my counter looks tidy and clean. try it and if you don't like it return it.

Instant warmth!

It feels like this pair of gloves are built durable because once you put hands in, the fleece material inside already wrapped up your pawn and fingers, with windproof and heating feature, I'm sure I'll have many warm hands winters from now on when shoveling snow.

Lightweight and very comfortable

For everyone who is afraid of the cold, this heating glove is exciting. These gloves are easy to manage. It will keep you warm for a long time. These gloves are perfect for winter activities because they warm not only your fingertips, but your entire hand.

Comfortable and unobtrusive!

As a personal trainer, and the owner of Cosmic Fitness, LLC in Buffalo, NY, I have purchased several plantar fasciitis night splints during my nearly 20 year career. This is, by far, the most comfortable and unobtrusive night splint that I have ever purchased! Six stars!! Thank you.

Main source of transportation is an electric bike.

Bought these to keep my hands warm while riding and I must say I’m absolutely in love. I was actually thinking of getting my parents a pair for when they shovel snow. Only annoying thing is it uses 8 Double A batteries!!! 8! I ended up getting rechargeable batteries

Warm gloves

We are getting close to winter in for me one of the things that always annoys me. The most is having cold fingers when I have to work outside I wanted to get a pair of these gloves to be able to be prepared for the winter and really wasn’t priced by, now I don’t need the price but the functionality of the gloves themselves. I ordered the gloves and they arrive in only a few days one thing to make sure that you note, as mentioned in the description, the gloves do not come with batteries. They take four AA batteries. Also, they recommend rechargeable batteries. Thus, the price is low, but you will have to invest in the batteries for the gloves themselves. I had the batteries at home so I was able to try these out and they definitely do warm up your hands completely. for me, these gloves will be great to have as the weather gets colder. I’m looking forward to having warmer hands as I shovel snow and work outside in the winter.

THis Splink Sock Actually Works!

I did not think this product would work. I tried it on one foot and then the other foot. I typically wake up with both feet aching almost every morning. After wearing the splint the first night on my left foot, it was not aching the next morning. I tried the splint on the right foot two days later and it ached less than before. I wore it another night and could walk with no aches. I do recommend this product!

Amazing warm gloves

I'm really happy with these gloves, they are very warm even without turning on the heating,they fit perfectly, the material of the gloves is really good,I loved that you don't have to take them off to use your phone, they are water proof, that's the most important for us since we have snow and cold weather for months, it is really well thought that the cables to charge them are hidden so the cables are protected, they really warm your hands in seconds, so I totally recommend them!

Awesome camera

It is like a better option than a go pro and your pet can use it too! Picture quality is incredible with the 1080 HD. Able to clip on to myself and used for walks with my dog and able to use the collar feature to see it thru Her eyes.

Comfortable and affordable

Arrived quickly, easy to set up. The adjustment straps allow a range from less angle or more angle depending on how much relief you need. Tried it the first day for 1 hour and pain was gone. It did come back the next day after walking 10 miles but this type of therapy requires consistency and longevity, I'll keep using it once a day for an hour for instant relief. Def worth the $$

Good camera

The camera has really good image quality for the size and price! Fits snug in the collar band and easy to work. You do need an SD card though. All in all its a good price and I can't wait to use this on my pets.

Great fit

I dont actually need this for plantar fasciitis, but i do have an ankle sprain rhat requires me to keep my foot flexed at all times. Sleeping in a cam boot sounds terrible so I bought this. It is very comfortable to sleep with and fits my foot great!

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