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Phonery Pumpz ® Air Compressor for Car

Phonery Pumpz ® Air Compressor for Car

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This powerful tire inflator for bike and car provides fast inflation at a rate of 35 L/min.

Plug the air compressor into the 12V power outlet.

It could pump up to 150PSI.

Easy to operate. Just flip the switch and the tire inflator compressor will do all the work for you.

Enjoy rapid inflation for up to 2 to 5 mins.

It will automatically stops inflating once it reaches the pressure that you've set, so there's no risk of over-inflation.


It shows accurate tire pressure display once connected to the tire valve.

The tire inflator with pressure gauge provides easy operating based on the auto-shut off function.

When the air pump reaches the desired pressure the car tire inflator will automatically turn off.

There is no need to worry about over inflating.


This tire inflator is equipped with bright and long-lasting LED lights to make it safer and more convenient for using at night.

It can also serve as a warning for passing vehicles with red LED light flashing.

Digital display help you to calculate the required values of PSI,BAR,KPA,KG/CM2.


This tire pump is designed with compact size. The cables and the hose can be stored inside the unit to avoid getting messy.

The design with its own handle makes it more convenient to carry anywhere you need. 


The portable air compressor comes with 3 additional nozzle and 1 fuse with10 feet long power cord to inflate basketballs, bikes, motorcycles and Other Inflatables.

The universal valve connector allows a quick and easy connection to the tires' valve stem of your car, bike, basketball, motor, or midsize Sedan SUV.

Multifunctional AC/DC with 12V car cigarette socket plug as well as 110V wall plug for home outlet makes this inflator more useful.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Easy to use and works very well

Very easy to use, This is a nice little compressor.
Works well! it has AC cord and DC cord.
I especially like the AC feature since it is so convenient to run off the garage outlet.
LED display easy to set the pressure.

Very practical

In this northern city, every long winter, the car shows insufficient air pressure every few days. This problem has always troubled me。My friend recommended me to buy this product. It's so easy to use. I don't have to go to the gas station to inflate the car in cold weather any more. Very practical, Thank you.

Convenient and reliable

I often experience the embarrassing situation of a car with low tire pressure in the middle of the road, especially when the temperature difference between day and night is large during the changing seasons. Then a friend of mine recommended this car tire pump to me, which solved my problem perfectly. It is very small and light, it is not too heavy to put directly on the car, and the inflation process is very fast. It can fill a tire in about two minutes. More importantly, it can also detect the current tire pressure, so as to maintain the balance of each tire pressure.

Jack S
really worth to have

This product is very easy to use and re-inflated my low bike tire in a couple of minutes.The air compressor is small, compact, and lightweight, making it very easy to store in the trunk of my car. The compressor is powered by a 12v outlet, so you can pump up your car on the side of the road when ever you wish, and turns on with a button. It has a digital display that guesses how much air you need. I used the compressor today on my sports equipment, and it pumped everything up very well. The simple clamp attachment makes it very easy to attach to anything, and the cord is long enough to reach all four tires on any car. Now in the winter, I can pump up my tires at home instead of nearly freezing my fingers off at a gas station. It also inflates automatically, so you can specify the number of PSI you want to reach. This saved me from having to go and keep paying quarters at the gas station and lay down on the ground trying to get the hose in. I would definitely recommend this product to save money and time pumping up tires in the cold winter night at a gas station.

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