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Phonery Nectar ® Hummingbird Feeder

Phonery Nectar ® Hummingbird Feeder

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Easy Breezy: Say goodbye to complicated and messy feeders! Our feeder is designed to be easy to fill and clean, with a two-part container and a cleaning brush included. You'll have more time to relax and enjoy the hummingbirds' company.

Sticking Around: Our window hummingbird feeders come with suction cups so strong, even Spiderman would be impressed. No more worrying about bad weather or unwanted guests, your feathered friends are safe and sound.

Hummingbird Heaven: If you're tired of just watching from afar, bring the hummingbirds right to your window with our bright red, 10 oz nectar feeder. These colorful birds will be flocking to your home in no time!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
J. Luc
Nice Design

I like the design of this feeder. The base attaches securely to a window with a moat on it to keep ants out. The feeder tray can be taken in and out of the base for easy cleaning and refilling. I'm hopeful to get the hummers to come all the way up to the window!

Great units. Easy to install and easy to clean.

I'm actually trying to use one as a nest by removing the feeder tank.

Lindsay Jones
The best hummingbird feeder!!

We love that the hummingbirds swarm our feeders! We love them as much as they love us!

Surprisingly delightful!

While these little guys look simple, they function perfectly! Never before have I seen such hardcore suction cups you have to screw in to work! So cool! I was suspicious about how well they would hold up with water and nectar in it, but they've securely stayed in place for weeks.

The nectar reservoir is mercifully covered so bees and flies don't land in it and swarm your windows (though, they do fly by from time to time) and it is surrounded by an ant moat that is a reasonable depth, so you don't have to refill them too often or worry about them at all!

Best of all? When it's time to clean the reservoir out, all you need to do is lift it out - no suction battles necessary whatsoever (unless you wish to clean out debris in the reservoir- you can likely do that with a cotton ball, though). All and all, super satisfied with this purchase. Great bargain for two extra feeder locations!

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