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Phonery Zap ® Plug-in Bug Zapper

Phonery Zap ® Plug-in Bug Zapper

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Phonery Zap ® is the easiest and more effective way to get rid of any flying bugs inside. LED blue light are attracting with soft illumination to kill them in seconds with high voltage


Phonery Zap ® is great for killing mosquitoes and other pests without chemical sprays, no poisons, odor or harmless emissions.

The protective cover makes bug zapper is 100% safe for children and pets.


This plug-in Bug Zapper works great ay night and can effectively attract mosquitoes and small flying gnats.

Mosquito’s eradication become very effective and can prevent you from mosquito bites.


Phonery Zap ® is very convenient at home or travel Indoor mosquito trap can be simply plugged into a power socket to protect your space. Easily cleaned without any hassle, using the provided brush. 

Quick Tip: The Higher you plug Phonery Zap ® the more effective it will be

To clean dead bugs, ensure the unit is unplugged from an electrical outlet and then use a screwdriver to touch the metal plate for static electricity release. Use the tissue or small brush to get the dead bugs out.


Phonery Zap ® Plug-in Bug Zapper is made of high quality materials. It’s also very durable, so it will serve you for a long time.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Brooke B.
Works as described!

These are the coolest things to have when you live in the south and get tortured by misquotes. Definitely worth getting!


The zapper would help out I order it and have 1 in the kitchen hallway and it safe around kids and food so love it at night u would not find any bugs and I have one in my garage.

Jae Bee
Catch those pesky gnats!!

Love these! Didn't even know we had gnats until I saw them in this device!

Cathlene D.
Don't seem its working but it is

When plugged in a blue light comes on. It don't seem like it's working but it really is, because we had a lot of these bugs that would fly around in the house, mainly in the kitchen and they would like to dive in the food, they weren't fruit flys, my roommate said they're called Moss but I'm not sure. Three days after I plugged both of the bug zappers in different areas of the kitchen, i didnt notice them flying around as much anymore, I would see dead ones laying on the counter here and there. Now there isn't a single one of those flying around anymore, I'd say those bug zappers did the job.

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