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Phonery CageServe ® Water and Food Feeder Set

Phonery CageServe ® Water and Food Feeder Set

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Ample Capacity: Say goodbye to concerns about your pets running low on food. With a capacity of 29oz/850ml, this feeder offers convenience, functionality, and peace of mind. It guarantees your pet's proper hydration, even during your busy or on-the-go moments. It can sustain adult rabbits for up to 5 days and young bunnies/guinea pigs for 7-8 days. Recommended cage spacing is 1-2.4 inches

Whisper-Quiet: Employing a natural gravity water supply system, this device automatically refills water as levels decrease. Water quantity can be adjusted based on demand, all without any risk of leaks. Unlike traditional ball water bottles, it operates without any bothersome noise, allowing you to enjoy tranquil nights of sleep.

Steady Cage Suspension: Crafted as a hanging feeder tailored for cages, this system incorporates an internal rotating latch that securely attaches it to the cage, preventing tipping. This design maintains the cage's tidiness and prevents potential messes.

Pet-Friendly Safety: Crafted from top-tier food-grade plastic material, this feeder ensures safety, health, and environmental friendliness. It serves as ideal care for your beloved pet. The top cover's moisture-proof design effectively wards off dampness, ensuring food remains fresh and hygienic.

Effortless Daily Use and Cleaning: Refilling food is a breeze with the top cap, eliminating the need to detach the feeder. Its detachable structure allows for easy daily cleaning – simply rinse it with water. We recommend a weekly wash. Combining an automatic feeder with a water dispenser, it offers an easy solution to your pet's eating and drinking needs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Simple to install

This worked perfectly for my puppy crate. Minimize the mess..

Sheri shannon

We tried a lot of waters and feeders but this one is awesome! We love it because it works so well!

Desiree La Rose
Giant Flemish Rabbit Approved!

Bought these for our Giant Flemish Rabbit. His old food dish was a pellet and hay combo which didnt hold a lot of hay or pellets. And his old water bottle was the usual small animal cage bottle with the ball at the end -however it would leak from time to time. Then I came across this set and couldn't be happier! The food dish holds up to 3x as much food as his last dish, which is needed as he's a growing boy still and will eventually get to be the size of a medium dog - he's already bigger than my Shih Tzu. And I like that its a slow feed. And with the bowl at the end of his water dish there is no more leaking! With in 30 seconds of installing this set our boy was sitting happily munching away and drinking.

My bunny loves these and very easy to clean!

These are a godsend. I was looking for a solution to have multiple days of food and water for my bun while I was out of town for a couple of days. Realistically, once filled, I can get 3-4 days of food and water for him without having to worry. The water dispenser mechanism is genius and leakproof! I did have to make some cuts in the existing wiring of his pen to make them fit, but it was a quick fix. Highly recommend.

Melanie Dreyer
These are awesome!!

I have been using metal bowls on a stand for my cages …..that is until I found these little gems. They are good sized so I don’t have to refill these that often which is so nice. I usually have to clean and fill the metal ones every day. The water also stays clean and filled unless they get a piece of food in them. The BEST part is that I can REFILL these from the OUTSIDE!! Big plus! SO GLAD I found these!! Makes life so much easier especially when you have 6 different cages.

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