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Phonery Catcher ® Solar Wasp Trap

Phonery Catcher ® Solar Wasp Trap

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The Most Effectively Way to Get Rid of Wasps, Yellow Jackets and Hornets Without Any Chemicals!

The Phonery Catcher ® is equipped with double-entry tunnels, one on each side, which increases the chance of attracting more wasps and hornets to the device.

The wasp trap gives off a warm glow to lure intruders, increasing the wasp killer’s attractive power.

Once wasp get into the trap, they will try to escape but eventually drown in the water.

This Wasp Trap is solar-powered wasp trap designed to turns on automatically every night to make a warm glow, increasing the wasp killer’s attractive power.

Then It turns off automatically every morning to charge.

Simply add some sugar water, sweet juice or beer in the tank, flip the switch on, then hang it in the place where wasps are most often.

Easily hangs from any branch or on your patio table. No maintenance, chemicals, batteries, or timers needed. You will easily and quickly get rid of annoying wasps, much more safely and eco-friendly.

The Wasp Killer is easy to clean without any maintenance required and It can be reused and last for many years for catching unlimited insects.

Its great for your garden, lawn, farm, and patio.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
daniel walton
Perfect in every way

Bought this for my sisters 60th. It made her cry, it was well made and such a lovely
value for money and a beautiful keeps sake.
The writing was perfect, of course you had to pick your own inscription.
Delivery was very quick.
I would highly recommend this item.

Kayla Teteak
Wasp problem resolved!

Originally had wasp jar with hole in the bottom, but wasps seemed to find the way back out.
These arrived next day after ordering. Put some strawberry jam in bottom and put out immediately.
Once the wasps were in the jar they could not get out.. The smaller holes around each entrance's seemed to attract them as an escape route when trying to get out, but they were too small to squeeze through. As such, they did not try to get back out the holes they had entered by.
After 4 days I cleaned both jars out and counted the dead wasps. I did spray a wasp kill through one of the holes in the jars just to make sure they were dead before opening the jars up.
Jar A - 46 dead wasps. Jar B - 206 (yes 206) dead wasps.
Yes a lot of wasps, but cant find any local nest so these jars are brilliant.
Just ordered 2 more for my daughter.

Carol Pfeifer
Got the job done!

I have a 7-year-old who is allergic to wasp stings. For his safety, I have to make sure there are no wasps in my house. I stumbled across this product and bought it to try it. I didn't expect it to work so well. The product exceeded my expectations, I used apple juice as part of a juice recipe, hung it on my balcony, saw a dozen wasps have been caught the next day, it rained a lot last night, I thought it wasn't Will work, didn't expect them to be waterproof and have a UV light to attract wasps at night, they're just amazing, we highly recommend this product!

Great to keep those yellow jackets away from your house!

We had success with these. I used them this year and no more yellow jacket nests on my house (we previously had 3). Is it due to using these or pure luck? Who knows, but it does attract and collect all sorts of flying creatures (including yellow jackets). You have to clean it quite often otherwise it gets kind of gross. Also make sure you hang it higher up, otherwise ants will go in it (had that happen). I just used a mix of water, sugar and apple cider vinegar and it seemed to have done the trick. It does leak if you put too much water, so you need to make sure to not exceed the bottom line. I recommend these!

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