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Phonery Plunge ® Toilet Air Plunger

Phonery Plunge ® Toilet Air Plunger

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Blast Away The Clogged in Second - The toilet plunger utilizes the power of high pressure compressed air (max.120 PSI) to blast away the toughest blockages in the drain in seconds. Once inflated, you can easily unclog your pipes by pressing the button. Quickly and more effective than traditional plungers, toilet snake and toilet auger! If a clogged toilet always irritates you, this toilet plunger will be a must for your bathroom!

Say Bye To Expensive Plumber Fees - This toilet plunger heavy duty is perfectly ergonomic and easy to use. The air plunger for toilet adopts non-slip ABS plastic handle and high quality stainless steel shell, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant, safer to use, can withstand high strength and high pressure, explosion-proof wall. No need to wait for a plumber and bear the expensive cost of unclogging, save your time and money!

Wide Application - Our high pressure toilet plunger come with 4 different plunger heads, suitable for toilet, bathtub, kitchen sink, washbasin, floor drain, you can change the head according to situation, ideal for all kinds of blockages caused by garbage, hair, cloth, etc.

Real-Time Pressure Barometer - The air pressure indicator of drain blaster allow you to know the real-time pressure while you are inflating, more convenience to adjust according to different requirements (0-8Bar), avoiding splashing and damage caused by excessive force, and truly humanized design. (Note: If you found the barometer have no change when you inflating, please make sure the sealing ring fit tightly into the slot and the position direction is correct.)

What You Will Get - 1 x Toilet Plunger, 4 x Plunger Heads, 1 x Inflatable base, 1 x Converter, 1 x Storage Device, 1 x User Manual. (Splash-proof tips: Cover the opening of the toilet with plastic wrap, only need to leave a gap to put in the toilet plunger, directly tear off the plastic wrap after use and rinse the unclogged with water.)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Strangely unique design but effective

Easily pumps up just like inflating a bike tire. It holds pressure perfectly and cleared my slow draining bathroom sink on the second attempt. I’m pleasantly surprised with this.

Adam S.
Lots of pressure.

This seems like a great way to clear a clog. Read the instructions first.

Amazing tool

I never saw this tool before but find it on Phonery and tried it, the tool works amazing. it gives a powerfull way to remove clogs. i used it on my sink which gets cloged from time to time and it open the wast line perfectly.

david hart
It works

Had a slow drain in one of my bathroom sinks. I had my doubts if this would work or not. I couldn't believe the gunk that this thing blew out of my sink drain. I used it probably a dozen times in a row. It just kept blowing more gunk out. I highly recommend this product to a family member or a friend or has a clogged up drain and something like Draino won't work.

Buy it...NOW!

Our sinks have been clogged and nothing seemed to be working. We've been wasting so much money on draino, so I thought I'd give this a shot. My husband was skeptical but figured he may as well give it a shot. After just one attempt, I heard him shout from the bathroom "where has this been all my life?!"

With just one use, our sinks were finally draining and no longer filling with water. He didn't even need to use the highest setting!

We haven't had to use it for a toilet clog yet (he is strangely excited about testing that one) but just fixing our sink clog was enough to win me over. Even better, we no longer have to rely on harsh chemicals to try to fix the problem. Definitely recommend this!

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