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Phonery Cupping ® Smart Cupping Massager

Phonery Cupping ® Smart Cupping Massager

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Introducing the revolutionary electric cupping device, a versatile all-in-one solution combining cupping, scraping, hot compress, and massage. Our smart dynamic cupping set surpasses ordinary cupping devices by offering a rhythmic alternation of suction and release, combining dynamic suction and red light heating in a single device. Experience a safer, easier, and more intelligent cupping massage compared to traditional methods.

Equipped with three adjustable heating modes, our smart cupping massager utilizes advanced PI conduction heating technology, eliminating the need for open flames and reducing the risk of burns. By efficiently breaking down excess lactic acid in the muscles and providing a deep massage to relax and rejuvenate, it accelerates post-exercise recovery and promotes a greater sense of relaxation.

Our cupping machine incorporates a decompression button and countdown pause feature for added convenience. During usage, the smart cupping device automatically enters a 20-minute countdown mode and pauses if you happen to fall asleep. When the pressure is released, simply press the decompression button for effortless and automatic separation, avoiding the need for forceful removal. While some circular bruising may occur for a few days after use, it will naturally disappear within approximately 3-4 days.

Unlike traditional cupping sets, our electronic smart cupping massager can be easily self-administered. It serves as an ideal recovery tool for various areas such as the back, shoulders, and calves, and is also effective for cellulite reduction through its suction and red light electric cupping capabilities. Become your own personal masseuse, relieving fatigue accumulated throughout the day and restoring your energy levels. This massager is particularly suitable for individuals who frequently experience late nights, prolonged sitting in office environments, fatigue, and a lack of exercise.

Our electric cupping massager features a built-in high-capacity battery and can be easily recharged using the Type C port. With just one full charge, it provides up to 150 minutes of usage. The device is compact, lightweight, and portable, allowing you to enjoy a professional spa massage anytime, anywhere—at work, at home, or while traveling—enabling you to effectively combat fatigue and relax.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
I love this thing!

I bought this in hopes of relieving a chronic pain in my neck. The pain feels like a burning poker digging into my neck.
This has brought relief that I have otherwise not been able to achieve for years despite excellent chiropractic care.
I think it was able to create space and circulation to a chronically congested area.
I have gone on to use it all over my body with great success.

Easy to use and releases when shut off

This is a fairly large cupping device, so it's a little harder to use on narrower body areas. I have an acupuncture spot on my ankle that has been sore and I wanted to treat it, but the cup wasn't sealing against the skin, due to the size, so I had to move it further up on my leg. Just something to keep in mind.

Overall, the product works very well. It has simple, intuitive buttons and I like that I can see through the clear ring at the base and watch the skin be pulled up in a dome. This one also releases immediately if you power it off, which is extremely important to me -- I have tried a few other cupping devices that would not release when shut off, and it's a little scary. This one instantly depressurized and released when I powered off.


Easy to use and works perfectly

Easy to used

Really powerful suction, simple easy to use just make sure you use some type of body oil on your skin before using it.

Good suction and easy to use!

I bruise like a peach so I was nervous to try cupping. I ordered the Smart Dynamic Cupping Therapy Set because after reading the specs it is possible to control the cupping strength. I started with the red light cupping on my stomach which was pretty gentle and didn't leave a bruise (yay!). I carry a heavy backpack everyday which causes strain on my neck and shoulders. I used the cupping device at level three near my shoulder blade. I had a significant amount of redness on my shoulder area and a quality purple bruise once the redness settled. Good thing it's winter so nobody will see my back for a few more months. The cupping at level 3 did work for pain relief which is why I ordered the cupping device so this is a good thing. Overall I think this it's easy to use and effective. The bruising is a me problem.

I am new to cupping. Over the past few months I have been reading and watching videos on the therapy technique. I chose this device because I thought it would be a safe effective choice for a beginner. My husband had sever back spasms and I have been using this cupping device on his back. He says it’s working and the back pain has decreased a significant amount when placed over the tight spots. Overall it’s easy to use, the heat setting is nice. The suction is exactly what we need. Over all a good device. I think it will be great to take on stressful work trips.

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