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Phonery TrapEase ® Ranch Fly Traps

Phonery TrapEase ® Ranch Fly Traps

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Experience the beauty of the great outdoors without the inconvenience of flies and other flying insects!
Effortlessly keep your surroundings fly-free with our user-friendly mesh trap that can be hung in your yard.
It attracts flies using natural attractants of your choice. Simply add fruits, bait fish, or other irresistible delicacies to the bait pot.  Our fly control solution is safe for children and animals, making it suitable for use in homes, outdoor dining areas, and livestock barns. Crafted with durable lightweight materials, including weather-resistant wire and plastic mesh, our ranch fly trap is designed to withstand various climates. The product is shipped flat for convenience (bait not included). The reusable fly bag is a long-lasting solution for your family, farm, or business. To empty the trap, disconnect the bait pot and invert the mesh funnel. Enjoy uninterrupted fly control for an extended period.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Barbara Hodgson
Good traps

It attracts not only very flies, but also pesky pumpkin beetles Japanese beetles, which are all over my garden. This makes my gardening experience much better. You can use almost anything that stinks as bait, the stinker the better.

Marcus Huggins
Effective Fly Trap

I used stinky fly bait, as seen on YouTube, and added cow dung to the broth, which worked perfectly. Keep the bait well stocked and damp, and the flies will keep coming in.

Kylee Mendez
Work great in backyard!

It was up and running within minutes, and we've caught a dozen. I put dog shit and water as bait.... That sounds gross... But it worked so well!!

Benhur Khamrang
Easy, bait needed.

The product works well, but you have to have the bait.Recommend!

Works great Highly recommend!

Love these traps! The don't smell and unless a racoon gets to them, they last all season! The hardest part is remembering to refill the bait bowls. We use leftover food with plenty of liquid in the bowls. Liquid can be water but watermelon juice is very popular with flies!

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