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Portable Heated Seat Cushion

Portable Heated Seat Cushion

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Heating Anytime Anywhere

Never fear the cold again with this Portable Heated Seat Cushion! A good helper to keep out the cold in winter! Easy to carry and easy to use! for simple storage and transportation

Suitable For Most Seats

Fits most stadium seats, bleachers, beach and camping chairs, camping chairs. Just connect it with your power bank and turn it on. Your seat will be hot in seconds!

Feel At Home Anywhere

The Portable Heated Seat Cushion has a waterproof bottom and water-resistant construction to keep you nice and dry when the bleachers are wet. It comes with high-density memory foam cushions that feel like sitting on your couch.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kristine Ezovski
Slim, light weight, and WARM!

The heated seat pad does not come with a battery pack, but any battery pack with a USB port will work with this. Both the seat and the back warm up quickly. It has 3 settings (low, med, high). There is even a little pouch to keep your battery pack in when in use. Its made with a thick foam material inside, and the out side is a soft velvet? like material. How long it lasts will depend on the battery pack you use.

Nunya Nacho
Nice Heated Seat

I want to start with this is more of a seat cushion then a chair. It is fairly thin, but it insulates well from the cold even with no power bank. With a power bank attached and the heat on it makes life much more comfortable. I feel I should point out the fact that the back needs to attach to some support and is not free standing. This means that it is more for use in a chair or something else with a back then on flat bleachers.
It doesn’t create a huge amount of heat, but it certainly makes a big difference in comfort compared to the cold. This product makes sitting in a chair ice fishing, or on the back of a the boat fishing for halibut more comfortable for my old bones, and I am very happy with it. I think it is a good product at a reasonably price point, and I would recommend it to others.

Jeff L. Painter
Light weight and warm

I just received this and tested it with my Baseus 65W portable power bank. It works great. Within a few minutes, it had reached 100 on the highest setting which is enough to warm you up with burning your behind. It has a pocket which is big enough to hold this power bank, which is my largest, and after running for 20 minutes it had only reduced my batter life by 1-2% so it should keep you warm for a few hours easily using a larger power brick like this one. It has nice stretchy velcro straps to secure it to the back of your chair, but for larger seats, this might be an issue. We love to go out to play trivia once a week, and we tend to sit outside due to large crowds. It can get cold, so this should help! The power button has three settings (low, med, high) and the indicator changes from red, green to blue to give you a quick indicator of which setting it is on. It folds up compactly and takes up very little space, so easy to keep in the car trunk for when it's needed on our outings.

Cold nose, warm buns

I am outside every day with my cat on a leash (you read that right) because he needs a little dose of daily outdoor air for his cat-mojo. However, he often doesn’t go beyond the bushes, which led me to pull out a portable camping chair to sit for up to an hour at a time with him outside. It has been so cold lately that finding this heated seat insert was exactly what I needed.

Great hot seat!!

It's perfect for a cold day sitting outside watching my son's game.. light weight and very comfortable.. make sure you bring a good battery.

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