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Phonery PaintMaster ® HVLP Spray Gun

Phonery PaintMaster ® HVLP Spray Gun

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Enhanced Durability: Brass nozzles offer superior performance compared to plastic nozzles, preventing damage from falls or pressure, resisting clogs, and facilitating easy cleaning. The utilization of double-layer insulation materials ensures safety during operation, eliminating concerns.

Cutting-Edge Technology & Design: The 700W HVLP paint sprayer is equipped with a spacious 1200 ml container, enhancing efficiency. It now supports a maximum viscosity of 120 Din-s, greatly improving spray outcomes for a smooth and superior finish. The paint volume output can be precisely controlled via the flow control knob, making it suitable for various projects, even those inaccessible to rollers.

User-Friendly & Maintenance: This paint sprayer can be effortlessly assembled without the need for tools, making it beginner-friendly with the aid of the manual. It also includes a cleaning brush and a needle to address any solidified paint residue within the nozzle, ensuring effortless and efficient cleaning.

Versatile Nozzles & Spray Patterns: The 700W paint sprayer is adjustable to three distinct spray patterns: horizontal, vertical, and circular. It's complemented by four nozzle sizes (0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.8mm, 2.5mm) for versatility in your projects.

Package Inclusions: The package includes 1 X Paint Sprayer, 1 X 1200ml Container, 4 X Copper Nozzles, 1 X Cleaning Brush, 1 X Viscosity Cup, 5 X Paper Funnels, and 1 X User Manual for your convenience.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Carol Crosby
Felt nice

This is hands down the BEST HVLP spray gun I've ever used! I initially tried electric paint guns, but I had to return each one due to issues like dripping, clogs, and uneven paint. I gave up on them and even upgraded my compressor to use HVLP guns, which worked well but were a pain to maintain. After a disappointing experience with electric guns, I thought pneumatic spray guns were my only option.

Then, my compressor broke. Reluctant to invest in another, I started looking for a spray gun system and found the Migtory 700W paint sprayer. I decided to give electric guns one more try, and I'm so glad I did! This powerful sprayer replaced my compressor and pneumatic HVLP guns. It's easy to use and clean, and I LOVE its performance. It has consistently outperformed everything I've used in the last 4 years!

I also appreciate the paint reservoir with a lid included in the kit. I could go on praising this little sprayer! I'll definitely buy it again if needed and recommend it to anyone looking for an HVLP spray gun for furniture, interior, or exterior painting!


I ordered this now so I can have it next time I have a small project. I was not able to test this with the paint but I attached a video with the container filled up with water. You can control the spray pattern with a knob and you control how much it sprays with another knob on the trigger. The unit comes with couple of different spray tips depending on how thick your paint is. I never used one of these so it will be a learning curve first time around. The unit disassembles pretty easily so cleanup should be a breeze.

The only con that I noticed is that when you are not spraying continuously and you doing stop and go painting, this gum will squirt a blob of fluid before full pressure builds up

James B
Great sprayer

It is very Good for entry level sprayer, very easy to use it . good quality .

Mimi D
Efficient paint sprayer for small projects

My husband and I were thoroughly impressed with this paint sprayer during our recent project of refurbishing an old vintage dresser. Previously, we had struggled with a bulky professional/industrial sprayer that was not only cumbersome to use but also a nightmare to clean. So, for this smaller project, I decided to invest in this sprayer, and I'm delighted that I did. It's lightweight, incredibly user-friendly, and does away with the hassle of dealing with unwieldy hoses.

The sprayer's tank boasts ample paint capacity, allowing us to complete over two coats on the entire piece before needing a refill. The spray it produces is consistently smooth and of high quality. I would advise testing the sprayer with both nozzles on a piece of cardboard or scrap wood before applying it to your project to ensure you achieve the desired coverage with the correct nozzle. What's more, the cleanup afterward is a breeze. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend this product to anyone seeking an easy and affordable paint sprayer for household projects or smaller painting tasks.

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