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Phonery AquaGlow ® Ultrasonic Animal Repeller

Phonery AquaGlow ® Ultrasonic Animal Repeller

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360° Full Protection: The ULTRABOT solar animal repeller features a tri-sided design, with each side equipped with a motion sensor, two white and blue LED flashing lights, and an ultrasonic speaker. It can detect animals from all directions. When an animal approaches, the device activates, emitting ultrasonic waves, alarm sounds, and flashing LED lights to drive the animal away.

Default Mode: Upon first use, the ultrasonic animal repeller operates in default mode—Sound version + Automatic mode of blue light. In automatic mode, the blue light works automatically at night and during rainy days/indoors, but does not flash on sunny days. Simply press the Blue Light Button for 1 second to turn off the blue light. You can also press the Sound Button for 1 second to turn off the alarm sound.

Solar and USB Charging: Our outdoor solar-powered cat repellent features dual recharging options, equipped with a top solar panel to capture the sun's energy, as well as an included USB cable. Before first use, fully charge the device using the supplied USB cable and a 5V USB charger.

Weatherproof: The ULTRABOT Ultrasonic Deer Repellent is designed to function in all weather conditions, providing protection against rain, wind, and sun. It is an ideal choice for an outdoor cat deterrent or dog repellent for your yard.

Humane Solar Skunk Deterrent: This device uses no messy chemicals or pesticides, no traps, and leaves no dead animals, reducing unnecessary troubles for you. It offers an immediate solution for repelling raccoons, skunks, deer, cats, dogs, foxes, and other unwanted pests.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
It actually works!

I have tried every product sold to keep rabbits from eating my lawn. I have tried every spray, granules etc. I avoided buying this product because I thought it would be a scam. It actually works. It's been a few weeks now and no bunnies. We had bunnies every night eating our lawn since the pandemic started in 2020. We were down to less than half our lawn by the time I broke down and purchased this as the last resort.

Works like a charm!!! No deer eating my pansies!!

I am not one to leave a ton of reviews but this one is getting huge uplifting, Hallelujah Review!! For years we have planted pansies in the fall & deer have eaten the pansies every year! So this year instead of spraying awful smelling stuff on the flowers which welted them & made me smell bad too, I purchased the Emole Solar Animal Repeller with Motion Sensor Outdoor Ultrasonic Cat Repellent Waterproof Rabbit Deer Deterrent for Garden, Repel Dog Raccoon Skunk in 360 Degree & I am so glad I did!!!

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