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Phonery GardenShield ® Solar Powered Repellent

Phonery GardenShield ® Solar Powered Repellent


Put an end to your Groundhog, Mole and Vale problems and protect your garden with the Mole Remover Solar Repeller Stake. Enjoy a thriving garden environment like never before.

Introducing the Phonery GardenShield ® Solar Groundhog Repellent, the ultimate solution to effectively remove moles, gophers, groundhogs, and other burrowing animals from wreaking havoc in your garden and damaging your precious vegetables. Say goodbye to unsightly mole hills and hello to a beautiful, thriving garden.

With its professional design, the Solar Repellent offers a unique installation and removal process. No need to dig holes beforehand thanks to the patch raw shape stack design. Simply insert the groundhog representative stack into your garden and turn it on. This solar-powered mole stack operates with a rechargeable battery, providing hassle-free protection for your garden.

Unlike noisy pest repellers that disturb your family and pets, the Solar Repellent takes a quieter approach. Using electronically controlled vibrations, it effectively repels gophers and other pests without causing any inconvenience to your loved ones.

Designed for outdoor use, the Solar Repellent is waterproof and features solar sonic mole chaser spikes. It is perfect for lawns, gardens, and planting beds, effectively preventing voles and moles from digging up your yard and ensuring a non-hill garden landscape.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Exactly what I was looking for

We have tried many times to rid our yard of moles, and this has done the trick. We placed the stakes beside mole hills and quickly noticed that the moles were moving away from the stakes. We strategically moved some of the stakes beside the now new mole hills; again, new mole hills popped up even farther away from the stakes. We joined forces with our neighbor, and have chased the moles away. The stakes remain in the yard, and we have not seen new mole activity. These are very easy to use.

Susan Clark
Very good product with immediate effect!

Just stick it in - luckily I had plenty of sun on those days - and those voles were gone, which were really troubling my bedding plants. Should have reacted faster to save more plants.

Sherri Jackson
It's Working!!!

So when I see a gopher mound in the yard, I stick one of these in it. The activity from the gopher stops. I've been using this product for a few months. It is also deterring snakes in the area, which is great because I have Yorkshire Terriers. Highly recommended!

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