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Rechargeable Camping Lantern

Rechargeable Camping Lantern

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Never Stay in the Dark Ever Again!

This Rechargeable Camping Lantern has it all!

it has 6 different modes: Low/high modes flashlight & lantern and two red light modes (steady and strobe red light), the 360° super-light lantern flashlight.

It is a very bright rechargeable flashlight.

It can also be used as a power bank if your cell phone needs recharging as well.


This Rechargeable Camping Lantern comes with a locking carabiner to hang it from a tree or inside our tent. 

The Flashlight's maximum lumen 800 lm and distance 350 m / 1000 foot can make even the darkest night bright as day.


The Rechargeable Camping Lantern is IPX4 waterproof and can withstand splashing rainwater in all directions.

It can also hang outside and inside of tents to extend illumination dimension or scare wild animals out when you are camping, hiking, night riding and exploring.



This Rechargeable Camping Lantern with 4000 capacity battery can be used as a power bank to charge Android, ios and other smart devices. 

There is no need to worry about missing important calls or emails during your trip.

This is a must-have for your next camping adventure or just to have around the house for power outages.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Fawning Fox
Very impressed!

Upon unboxing this, I was a little underwhelmed. I had expected something larger or heavier (I'll admit that I did not look at the dimensions of it prior to buying). It is extremely lightweight! It is lighter than an unopened can of Rockstar (which I have attached an image of to show the size comparison between them). It did not take long to charge. It comes with a USB cord to charge, which will fit into any USB port or phone charger adapter, which is really nice. It means you can charge it at home, in your vehicle, or anywhere that has any USB port.

Going back to being a little underwhelmed by the size and weight of it, once it was charged and turned on, I was blown away by just how bright this little lantern is! The flashlight on the end has a bright setting and a dimmer setting, which works amazingly well. The lantern portion has the two modes as well. Then you have the red light (great for camping!) and the red flashing light (great for any type of emergency situation).

The power button is situated behind the lantern handle (opposite end of the flashlight end) and it's the only button you have. You use this button to cycle through the modes (Bright flashlight, dim flashlight, bright lantern, dim lantern, solid red lantern, flashing red lantern). The S hook at the end is a nice addition. You can easily attach this to a tent, belt loop, purse, or anything really, especially with how light it is.

Something like this would be great to have multiples of, if I'm being honest. I'm tempted with a second one to keep in my vehicle since I live in a very rural area and the features of this would be very beneficial in the case of an emergency.

I'm not certain how long the battery will last at full charge, so that's something to test out!

Melissa Lawhorn
Nice camping lantern

Bright! Worth the money

Renee SP
Perfect light for camping

Love how quickly this charged and how long the charge lasted. The flashlight feature at the end of the light is such a bonus. I ordered this light for an overhead light not thinking about how much I would use the flashlight option. Very versatile and well made.

David G
A First Rate Piece Of Essential Equipment

A multi-function lantern like this one should be considered essential equipment for everyone. If you are walking in the dark and need a flashlight to see your way, it's got you covered. If you need to generally light up a dark area, it can do that to. If you need an emergency warning flasher, yup, it's got that too. Oh, and if you need to recharge a phone or other device? Yes, that's just a bit of icing on the cake. For people who go camping, this lantern is a no brainer. It's lightweight enough to easily take along and it can be hung inside a tent or from a tree branch as needed. Even people who don't do camping should keep one or more of these lanterns on hand for power outages, roadside breakdowns, or other disasters. If you keep one on hand for emergencies I hope you never need it. If you do though, you will be very, very glad you have it.

J. Roberts
Excellent Camping Lantern

I had a perfect opportunity to use this working on some plumbing under the kitchen sink. I couldn't hardly see a thing, so I got this out and gave it a whirl.

The light is really bright - better than I expected. I tried the flashlight a bit and it's good, but I primarily used the ambient lantern function. This little light was able to completely light up the entire under cabinet/sink area. And the battery life was great - I actually took a break for a few hours to go get a part I needed, and I forgot to turn this light off. Several hours later when I got back home, it was still on! And that was just on the charge it came with out of the box! I call that good battery life. I also like the other features like the red emergency light and red strobe/flashing option. That's definitely a nice feature to have in the woods camping in case of an emergency. And ... this thing can charge your phone.

I have no complaints at all about this light.
- Nice bright light
- Long battery life
- Good emergency light features
- Easy, quick recharge
- Can charge phone/device
- Waterproof (haven't tested yet)
- Very light and easily hung or propped up

What's not to like? I can confidently recommend it and at this price point (an Andrew Jackson) I think it's a great value.

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