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Phonery Feedr ® Window Hummingbird Feeder

Phonery Feedr ® Window Hummingbird Feeder

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Our hummingbird window feeder boasts a reasonable design with a clear acrylic body that enables you to monitor the volume of liquid in the tube. The 1.5" tube diameter also enables hummingbirds to drink all the liquid without wastage.

This feeder is built to last, with 2 stainless steel stands that securely hold the feeder in place, even during windy or rainy conditions. The sugar water remains intact, giving you peace of mind while enjoying the entertainment at home. Additionally, you can easily remove the feeder for daily cleaning.

Our hummingbird feeder window mount features a bright red silicone feeding hole in the shape of a flower that is more attractive to hummingbirds. The flower shape also poses no harm to the hummingbird's tongue, unlike a metal flower, ensuring that you can use it with confidence.

This window hummingbird feeder makes the perfect gift for elders, children, friends, and relatives who love to feed hungry hummingbirds. It is an exceptional and thoughtful present that is sure to bring joy to the recipient.

Included in the package are 1 hummingbird feeder window with 8 feeding ports, 2 stainless steel stands, 2 super strong stickers, 1 silicone funnel, and a complete set for mounting on both windows, allowing you to peacefully await the arrival of your little guests.

Size Information:

S Package Size 16 inches / 14 holes

M Package Size 20 inches / 18 holes

L Package Size 22 inches / 20 holes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Dane B
Such a fun idea!

My mother loves watching hummingbirds from the feeders in the yard. This allows her to watch from the window nearest to her desk, and she loves it!

- Easy / quick to install
- Powerful suction, so the unit doesn't slide / pop off (even when full with Hummingbird food)
- Multiple ports, so multiple hummingbirds can feed at once
- Lightweight and easy to refill

- We have very aggressive squirrels in our yard, which jump on this and can dislodge it

So pretty!!❤️

These hummingbird feeders feel far more substantial and of a far higher quality than what I was expecting, to be honest. They are just gorgeous. I love that a funnel was included for refilling, as it will be pretty much a necessity. Sugar-water is not something you want spilled outdoors in the summer.
The hooks that attach to the windows feel substantial as well, and I’ve had adhesive pads just like these on my windows for years, so I know they will be more than strong enough to hold up these lightweight feeders.
Can’t wait for my resident seasonal hummingbird friend to return and enjoy her new feeders! Will update with a photo of her enjoying it as soon as I capture it! 🥰

Love this feeder if it will attract the birds

It’s end of Feb here in GA near Atlanta so it’s likely too early for the hummer migration. But Google tells me it begins right about now so I’ve put this feeder up on my RV windshield. It’s easy to install but I can tell you that it’ll probably take a heat gun to get these adhesive mounts off when I need to, they may be fine where they are to travel but if they need to come off I don’t believe they’ll be reusable. Anyhow, I’m hoping the hummers will recognize this as a feeder. If they do, I think it’ll work well. My only concern is if they see their own reflection that close to them while they’re feeding, they may spend all their time trying to chase themselves off 😂. I may need to turn the ports outward some instead of straight up for safer feeding. I’m waiting for the hummers so will report back if I get any.

Cute design

This is a cute design and the kitty really loves watching it.

J. Warren
Exactly as advertised.

Love the hummingbird feeders

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