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Phonery Breeze ® Personal Wearable AC

Phonery Breeze ® Personal Wearable AC

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Beat The Unbearable Heat

✔ Powerful Personal Air Cooler & Air Purifier

✔ 3 Breeze Speed Settings – Low, Medium & High

✔ Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery - Runs for up to 8 Hours

✔ Compact, Lightweight & Portable

✔ Hands-Free Cooling

✔ Multi-Flex Neck Band

✔ Great For Indoor & Outdoor Use


Phonery Breeze ® is the hands-free fan that comfortably sits on your neck to help keep you cool.

Ideal for use while working out, landscaping, or combating hot flashes

It has two five-bladed fans on each end and provides a constant breeze that can be angled to target your face, neck, or chest.

Phonery Breeze ® is a hands-free fan that comfortably sits on your neck to help keep you cool.

Ideal for use while working out, landscaping, or combating hot flashes.

it has powerful bladeless fans on each end and provides a constant breeze that target your face, neck and chest.


3 Speeds to Fit Your Cooling Needs

This Hanging Neck Fan has 3 speeds so that you can control how cooling you needs for both indoor and outdoor activities (office work, working out, at a picnic, etc.) 

You can easily adjust the speed to ensure that you can be comfortable regardless of your situation.

The cooling fan has 62 ventilation holes that keep your face & neck cool (and for women, your makeup in tact!)

Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery

 This cooling neck fan can run continuously for up to 16 hours without being recharged (up to 8 hours on the lowest setting, up to 6 hours on medium, and up to 4 hours on high).

When it’s time to recharge the 2400 mAh capacity Battery, it only takes a few hours via USB-C.

So simple, easy to use and convenient.

Portable, Low Noise & Hands-Free 

Lightweight and portable you can take it anywhere!

This bladeless fan weighs only 0.66 lbs (0.3 kg) which means it’s light enough to wear all day comfortably.

It produces very low noise in order to avoid being distracting, and it’s hands-free unlike other fans which makes it very easy and convenient to use.

Phonery Breeze ® has a hidden fan blades so that you don’t have to worry about hair getting caught

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Tracy Wight
    Saved me

    I had heat exhaustion so I love it for doing yard work!!!

    This is an amazing fan that will keep you cool all the time! 👍

    I am very pleased with this neck fan. I brought one of the expensive ones and as far as I can tell there is no difference.

    Great little fan

    I love this fan which looks like you have a pair of headphones resting on your neck. It's powerful but not too noisy and keeps me cool, it runs on charge for quite a while, depending on what speed you have on, but its easy enough to charge up. With the cool air going straight to your neck it really makes a difference. I recommend this fan & great price too.

    sha land
    No way it can be beat!

    I was a little skeptical mainly because of the price. But I purchased it for my husband anyways. He works outside in the Tx heat every day. It has helped him stay manageable in the heat. I will be purchasing more for some of my loved ones!

    Jazz E
    Keeps you cool!

    Great product! Especially if you’re in healthcare wearing a face shield all day. Before my shield would always fog up, now with this fan it’s crystal clear! Not too loud either.

    Only draw back was when I had my hair down in the front of my face one of the fans did grab it. Luckily I pulled it out before it snapped off my hair.

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