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Phonery Freez ® Personal Air Conditioner

Phonery Freez ® Personal Air Conditioner

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Cool Down Yourself, Without Using Costly AC.

Phonery Freez ® is 300% more efficient, smaller, portable - and it cools you just the same!

Phonery Freez ® is a versatile system that humidifies, purifies, and cools the air to deliver a fresh breeze in the same way nature does.

This portable air cooler draws in hot air and cools it down quickly through evaporative water cooling technology.

This creates cool environment with both humidified and cool air.

The multi directional air vent is adjustable to point the air whatever you want.

If you add some ice water, it will cool the hot air around you in a few seconds.


The Personal Air Conditioner have four-in-one design so it is not only a cute air cooler, but also a table fan, humidifier and LED light.

The 3 wind speeds are available for you to enjoy the comfortable cooling during the hot summer days.

The circulating colorful atmosphere light will enhance your mood or help you to fall asleep easier. The best gift for your friends, family and loved ones.


This mini air conditioner fan has a portable design, small size but significant cooling power and does not take up much space.

You can easily carry it out. Its great for homes, offices, outdoor picnics, camping, etc.

It is very quiet(≤40db) so even if you read a book in the library, it will not disturb you.


It does not contain Ozone-Depleting Refrigerants.

This small air cooler works for you at 3W, which is very energy efficient compared to window air conditioners.

It cools you down and saves you money on your electricity bill, while protecting your family's health.


The small air conditioner can be powered with adapters, mobile power supplies, computers, car chargers, etc.

It has 2 buttons, so you can use various functions with just a touch of a button.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Excellent Product

The 3 speeds and portability are perfect. I keep one in my shoulder bag for my long, and often scorching, commute. Keep in your purse, car, office, wherever. I also ordered one for my sister-in-law and will be ordering more for holiday gifts. Great for hot-flashes, LOL!

Danielle Gregorich
Absolutely perfect!!

I bought one for myself and my husband was so impressed he ordered one for every person in our house! We live in AZ and fans are a must have here!!! Incredible output!

Just for me Great

I can move it where i want, right next to me while I'm in bed. thanks

Barbie J
AHH! Feels Wonderful!

When you live in the Arizona desert with temperatures of 115 plus (F) in the summer, your home air conditioners simply cannot keep up. We have fans and coolers in every room. This little fan is pretty powerful. It has levels of fan speeds to choose from. If you prefer moisture with your cool air, simply pour some cold tap water or, even better, ice water into the reservoir. This provides a very fine mist which is barely detectable so it doesn't "spray" water onto any surface the fan is sitting on. It simply mists into the air as a humidifier. It's very lightweight and portable as well. Great

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