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Phonery Blaster ® Power Drain Unclogger

Phonery Blaster ® Power Drain Unclogger

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Up to 10X More Effective Plunging

This Electric plunger is equipped with a large-capacity battery.

Electric plunging is us to 10x more convenient and efficient than the traditional manual plunging, toilet drain snake and toilet auger.

It can be used multiple times on a single charge.

It is recommended to charge for 4-5 hours for the first use.

Multiple plugs, Multi-scene use

The electric toilet plunger is equipped with 4 different dredging heads, which can be replaced as needed, and can be used in toilets, sinks, floor drains, kitchens and other scenes.

Get rid of all kinds of blockages easily without calling an expensive plumber.

Material safety

Power plunger thickened stainless steel cylinder wall, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant, safer to use.

It can withstand high strength and high pressure, explosion-proof wall.

Airbag sealing

The deflation cylinder can be bent with an inflatable airbag, which expands instantly, seals the pipe openings of different sizes, and enhances the sealing performance.

This air pressure plunger does not splash water during use.

Visual barometer, High-pressure power

Its easy to switch the appropriate air pressure value when dredging different pipes.

The toilet clog remover operation is simple. Click one button to inflate and one button to release the pressure.

And the high-pressure airflow is instantly sprayed during use, blowing away all kinds of garbage, Hair, cloth, food scraps and other sundries in seconds.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
I was surprised

It works. I have a shower that has 5 shower heads and delivers a lot of water. Unfortunately, I also have a slow shower drain. I have used expensive drain cleaners that last a couple of months. Less expensive drain cleaners that last 2 or 3 weeks. A plumber quoted $169.
Then I saw this. I was skeptical that it would solve my problem. It did. I have no doubt that it will work easily for clogged toilets.
The unit has two controls. A button on top of the handle pressures up the silver cylinder. There is a pressure gauge to let you know when you should pull the trigger. Bam. Drain cleared. Of course I fired it a few more times after allowing the cylinder to pressure up each time.
This unit has several attachments to use for different applications. The instructions are small print and don’t help that much. I looked at the pictures to determine which accessory to use for my purpose.
I may have to use this periodically, but the one time cost is way less than a plumber and I’m not forcing chemicals into the sewer system. The battery came charged, but I gave it an overnight charge before using. The case stores everything and is great.

Sandra Robinson
Powerful plunger

Works great. Easy to use. Durable.

Lexie bryant
Little work

Little to nun work at all. Had 2 toilets clogged for a while and tried everything EVERYTHING and this the only thing that worked. Amazingly easy to use

Angel V
This is a must have for home use especially if kids clog toilet with paper.

I bought this because regular plungers just couldn't do the job anymore . My kids would put toilet paper and slime in toilet and after using many products that would clean drain . After using this product three times back to back my issue was resolved thankfully. This is what I've needed all this time in case of emergencies instead of calling plumbers .

OMG, worked so well. I had tried everything

I had removed my toilet Twice, flushed it through, purchased a toilet auger and it still clogged after first use. This air plunger put an end to All of that in seconds. It pressurized out of the box at the press of a button. Put your one buy one use worries to rest. Get It.

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