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Phonery PurrfectPlay ® Outdoor Cat Playpen

Phonery PurrfectPlay ® Outdoor Cat Playpen

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Outdoor Cat Enclosures: Your feline playground awaits! The playpen offers a big cat tent and surround tunnel, perfect for both indoor and outdoor cats, rabbits, and other small pets. Let your pets safely bask in the sun and indulge in playtime with toys, treats, and a litter box.

Breathable & Durable Mesh Construction: Our mesh design ensures proper ventilation, giving your indoor cats a breath of fresh air without any worries of escaping or injuries. The steel framing guarantees long-lasting durability, while the sturdy oxford fabric base prevents pet claws from getting stuck during vigorous play.

Versatile for Outdoor and Indoor Use: This outdoor cat play area is safe for small pets in your backyard, camping trips, picnics, or the beach. Say goodbye to lost or accident-prone pets. It doubles as a cozy cat house, delivery room, or nursery for small and mother pets.

Lightweight & Easy Setup: The foldable cat enclosure is a breeze to carry, store, and assemble. Connecting the tunnel and tent takes just one minute, making it the perfect outdoor camping and vacation companion. Keep your pet entertained wherever you go!

Spacious Expansion: Phonery PurrfectPlay ® Outdoor Cat Playpen offers ample space, with a width & height of 47.24' x 18.11 inches (120 x 46cm) after expansion. The surround tunnel measures 11.8 * 122 inches (30*310cm). With over 15 square feet of activity area, it's suitable for multiple cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, and other small animals.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Cat likes it

Our cat likes it a lot. She enjoys being outside but our backyard is adjacent to a woods so we like that she’s protected from predators and our own dogs. The tubes could be larger diameter, she’s a small cat and she fills up the tube, but doesn’t mind a bit.

Happy Customer
My cat and I both love this

My cat and I both love this! She wants to go outside, but I don’t want her killing the birds and squirrels and getting ticks and fleas. This is the perfect compromise! She gets to sit out and enjoy watching the birds and squirrels without killing them and I know she’s fairly safe from fleas and ticks being in one spot. I first put it up in the living room so she could get used to it and not be afraid of it. She loved going through the tunnel there so I knew it would not be a problem putting her in it outside. Today it finally stopped raining long enough that I could take her outside with it and she absolutely loved it! When it started sprinkling a little I went out to bring her in and she came to the opening right away to say hi to me. But when I went to pick her up to bring her inside she scooted away as if to say “no way, I don’t wanna go back inside!” Great item and well worth the price!

Lisa Putman
Amazing surprise!

Who knew what a huge fun tunnel and pen could be in this little bag?! I was pleasantly surprised.
It's made out of the typical vinyl and net material that most of these are made of, however, I've not seen a tunnel this long and the bonus is it's netting throughout the tunnel so the cats or other animals can see out of it when they're playing. There are also ties on each end of the tunnel for easy fold up.
There are zippers on each end of the tunnel and on the round exit of the pen so that they can connect with ease. If you wanted a pet to stay inside the pen, each end of the tunnel could connect into the pen forming a circular turn.
There's a top square zippered area also. I believe this may be if you wanted to reach in and handle a small pet such as a rabbit.
My cat tried jumping up through it and part of it collapsed.
It's not super durable as far as the side walls and top but the structure itself is nice. It is flimsy so it could be folded up and put back away in the pouch, though.
My stray cats chase each other through these a lot so it'll be fun to watch them with this one. I'm excited!
Great buy!
Also, it does have a new smell to it that's odd but faint. It'll air out outside, though.

So easy and so fun and exciting for indoor kitties!

It was so easy to set up— you just have to untie the bindings and the two pieces pop themselves open. You remove the two zippered in circles from the hexagonal part, and then zip on the tunnel. I threw in a cushion and a toy for the first trial cat, Annie, but she was so busy exploring she never settled on the cushion. My husband, who usually rolls his eyes at all cat toys and accessories, pronounced it “very cool” and then climbed in himself. Annie was not thrilled with him in her newly minted space, so he pouted about her attitude and got out.

I can see this as ideal for new kittens and their mom, or for indoor kitties to get some SAFE fresh air outdoors, or for introducing new kitties to each other. Annie hates all of our other cats and wants to kill them, so we’re going to bring the new playpen inside at night and try to get them used to her. Life would be easier if one of the cats didn’t have to be segregated at all times, so if this works for that it’ll truly be a miracle device. As it is, if Annie hates everyone forever and ever, it’s still going to be fun for everybody to take turns outside watching the birdies and squirrels and lizards, while keeping everyone from killing anyone else. Terrific idea nicely executed, and well worth the price. Highly recommend.

Hanging out on the catio

My 2 cats are apartment dwellers and both would love to spend more time outside on our balconies, but it's a long way down. They just hate harnesses and leashes so they've mostly been indoor cats until I found this outdoor net enclosure. It meets our needs really well. There is a play pen that's about 4 feet across inside, and 2 feet tall, with a top loading door that zips. The tunnel is around 11 feet total when expanded. Nice and roomy on the inside with plenty of room for a cat to explore and spread out. It fits just right on our balcony which is about 6 ft. wide x 25 ft. long. The black mesh is sturdy as is the nylon floor in the pen, and seems to withstand cat claws well. The entire thing folds down into a compact carrying case, which is awesome. Although we've had some trouble figuring out how to fold the pen part all the way back down. But it packs flat for travel or easy storage. Our cats both love their new outdoors space and seemed to feel comfortable immediately. This is a good option for pet owners who don't have a lot of space but want to let their pets have some fresh air.

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