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Phonery TerraSense ® Soil Moisture Meter

Phonery TerraSense ® Soil Moisture Meter

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4-in-1 Soil Test Kit: This versatile soil tester easily measures soil moisture, pH, light, and fertility to meet all your gardening needs. Unlike traditional single-function meters, our upgraded soil meter provides a comprehensive analysis of soil conditions, helping you optimize watering, light exposure, and fertilization for healthier plants.

Reliable and Accurate: Designed with a high-quality single-probe, this soil pH test kit is durable and minimizes damage to plant roots when inserted. Its sensitivity ensures precise and immediate test results, giving you reliable data every time.

Easy to Read: Featuring a large, clear dial, the 4-in-1 plant water meter is easy to read at a glance. Compact and portable, it's perfect for use in house gardens, farms, lawns, and any other soil and plant analysis, both indoors and outdoors.

No Batteries Required and Easy to Use: This garden soil pH tester requires no batteries, making it easy to store and always ready to use. Simply switch the function button, insert the probe more than two-thirds into the soil (at least 4 inches deep), and get your results in seconds. Remember to clean the probe after each use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Easy to Read

It is adaptable enough to be used in my home garden and a variety of different soil and plant environments thanks to its small and portable design. This meter has shown to be a useful instrument both indoors and out.

Colorful Colorado
Seems to work well

I used this to test various places around my yard, beds, and garden. I was mainly interested in the PH values and it was consistently 5.5 which is pretty acidic but is in the middle of the green range on the tester.

Very helpful to understand what is needed

This really helped me to see what nutrients I am needing to use, based on the soil, to help them grow better. Now I am much better aware of what could be off, I am so anxious to see how my new pots do after using this to find out if things are in balance.

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